Block someone on Cash App

You can block other users on most of the platforms or apps including Cash App, in order to avoid them from seeing you.

The Block feature is a must-have in payment platforms such as Cash App to restrain the activities of pesky fraudsters.

If you want to know about blocking or unblocking someone on Cash App, you are at the right place. Follow the quick links from the list of topics we have compiled to quickly reach the desired section of this article.

Can You Block Someone On Cash App? 

Yes, you can block someone (other users) on Cash App.

If you are wondering why would you (or anybody else) block someone on Cash App, we will tell you the reasons for the same.

To begin with, Cash App is a payment platform, and its security must be your top priority. Users posing potential threats are better off blocked on Cash App. If an unknown person is attempting money requests, block them.

Another reason for blocking a user on Cash App can be hiding your presence on Cash App. If you don’t want Cash App transactions from your family members, friends, or someone else you know, you can block them, and they won’t even be able to see your profile on Cash App.

How to block someone on Cash App?

There are two ways to block users on Cash App from making a transaction, and we will discuss both the ways in this section to clarify all your queries.

The two methods of blocking a Cash App user are:

  • From the activity tab

If you have an earlier transaction or money request from the user, you can block them from the activity tab. Follow these steps to block someone on Cash App using the activity tab and earlier transactions:

  1. Firstly open the Cash App.
  2. Open the Activity tab in the top right of the Cash App home screen, as shown in the picture.
    Block Someone 1
  3. Scroll and select the money request or transaction made by the user.
    Block Someone 2
  4. Open the menu by clicking three dots at the top right as shown in the picture below.
    Block Someone 3
  5. Select Block this Person.
    Block Someone 4
  6. Tap Block to confirm.
    Block Someone On Cash App
  • From the user’s profile or $Cashtag:

If you know the $Cashtag of the user and you want to block, you can open their profile by entering its custom URL. The profile URL of a Cash App user is of the format:$their_cashtag.

Use the following steps to block someone from their profile using their $cashtag or QR Code:

  1. Firstly, open the profile URL of the Cash App user of the format$their_cashtag or scan the user’s QR code from Cash App.
  2. Tap the menu option in the top right.
  3. Select Block in order to block all the pending and future payments from the user.

If you want to read Cash App’s official statement on blocking someone on Cash App, kindly click here.

What happens when you block someone on Cash App?

Blocking is a digital mode of stopping future communications. On Cash App, you can block someone for various reasons. When you block someone, the blocked person gets debarred from the following things on Cash App:

  • Sending you money request

Suppose someone repeatedly sends you money requests, and you don’t want to pay. You can block the user to avoid accidentally sending him money.

  • Sending you money

You can block a user to stop receiving money from a particular user because it might be a flip scam.
If you want to know more about flip scams on Cash App, click here.

  • Viewing your profile

You can completely hide your profile from certain users by blocking them. The blocked user will not be able to see even your profile that includes your profile picture, $Cashtag and QR Code.

How to turn off or edit money requests on Cash App?

Block Someone On Cash App

If you are getting too many money requests from unknown people and you cannot block because they are too many, Cash App got you covered.

Cash App lets you control who can send you money requests. Follow these steps to turn off or edit money request settings:

  1. Firstly open the Cash App.
  2. Open the profile tab from the top right of the app’s home screen.
  3. Select Privacy & Security option.
  4. Scroll to the Incoming Requests and consequently turn the toggle On or Off to enable or disable requests, respectively.
  5. In enabled, select whether you would like to receive requests from everyone or your contacts only from the below options.

Will the person know if I have blocked him?

Cash App doesn’t notify the person when you block or unblock them. It just starts hiding your profile from the blocked user restraining them from making any transaction.

If the blocked user searches your profile or Cashtag, Cash App won’t show him results relevant to you, assuming that your account doesn’t exist for him.

However, there are other ways through which one can know if someone has blocked him or not that we will cover in the further article.

How to unblock someone on Cash App?

There might be times you would want to unblock a Cash App user you have blocked in the past. Want to receive or send money to a blocked Cash App user? Or have you blocked someone mistakenly? Whatever the case is, we got your back.

You can unblock someone from the same menu you had used to block the person

To unblock someone, you have to open their Cash App profile. To open their profile, open the menu option shown as three dots and select Unblock this Person. However, there are two ways to open the profile of a Cash App user or someone you have blocked on Cash App.

  • From transaction History

You can open the blocked user’s profile from the activity tab if you have previously had transactions with the user. Open the activity tab, scroll through transactions and tap the transaction made by the desired person to see his profile and transaction details.

  • From Cashtag

You can open the unique link for the Cash App User profile of the desired person. The unique link consists of the Cashtag and is of the format$cashtag.

Also you can have a look on the below video for better clarification:

How to know if someone has blocked you on Cash App?

When someone blocks you on Cash App, you are not able to see their profile. However, it also happens when other user has deleted their account.

Moreover, there is no way you can tell from a blocked account that you have been blocked or the person has just deleted his Cash App Account. If you search for someone who has blocked you on Cash App, you won’t get the relevant results. The Cash App will show results assuming that the user doesn’t exist for you.

However, you can tell if someone has blocked you or not by simply searching for the person from a new or someone else’s account. If the user is visible from a different account but not from yours, it means that the user has blocked you.


By reading this article, you would know the procedure to block/ unblock someone on Cash App.

We have also discussed how to change money request settings and know if someone has blocked you on Cash App.


If I block someone on Cash App, will I get my money back?
No, you will not get your money back If you block someone on Cash App. However, blocking someone would cancel all the pending payments and future transactions.

If you block someone on Cash App, can they still see you?
No, if you block someone on Cash App, they will not be able to see you. Upon searching for your profile, they will see all the results other than yours.

What happens when you block someone on Cash App?
When you block someone, they would not be able to see your profile, make money requests, and make transactions.

How to disable incoming requests on Cash App?
You can disable incoming money requests on Cash App by changing the receive requests’ preferences from Profile Tab > Privacy & Security.

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