Cash App for Teenager

Cash App has a policy where they do not allow the user to use Cash app below the age of 18.

Cash App now has amended the policy where they have introduced Cash App for the teenager.

Anyone above the age of 13 and below the age of 18 can have the access to extended Cash App features and it is applicable only in the US.

The user can get extra services including Cash Card, Direct Deposits, P2P transactions. These services will get activate after the approval from their parents or guardians. 

The guardian has to approve the request as they will be the legal owner of the 13 to 17 years old’s account.

The user will be consider as the authorized user of the account, and their parents can track their monthly statements.

With this activation, they can pause or close their accounts anytime by just contacting Cash App support. 

What are the features that Cash App for teenagers will receive ?

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Following are some features that Cash App provides to teenage users. After the approval from parent or Gurdian teenage users can enjoy the below mentioned services: 

  • Sending or Receiving: The user can send up to $1000 per 30 days and can receive the same. They can also make use of USD payments. The limit of  $1000 will still be the same. 
  • Cash Out: The user can withdraw the money from Cash App. They can withdraw up to $25,000 per 7 days. 
  • Adding Cash: The user now can add money to their cash balance. Users can add up to $7500 per 30 days. 
  • They will get Cash Card with the spending limits and ATM withdrawals limits. 
  • Users will get a direct deposit facility. 
  • They can boost instant rewards.

What are the features of Cash app available only for 18+ users?

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Following are the fettures that are specifically for 18+ users of Cash app:

• Bitcoin- Transaction on Bitcoin is now available at Cash App. The facility is only open for 18+ users. 

• Borrow- Users who are major can borrow the funds on Cash App. A major can be a person who holds a business, and business gets into lots of transactions. 

• Check Deposit- Keeping a watch on own balances is important to maintain the expenses and saving ratio. 

• Investing- Users above 18 years of age can invest. Cash App allows the feature for them to invest using Cash App. 

• Paper Money Deposit- Paper money refers to the country’s official paper currency that is in circulation for goods and services. A company involved in this or an individual can make use of this feature on Cash App.

• Cross-Border Payments- Payments between two different countries can be consider as Cross-Border Payments. Users having 18+ age can have scenarios of payment from multiple areas. The reason can be business, relative transfers, etc.

Note for Parent/ Guardians- The Cash App user who is accepting an account authorization request.

As soon as the teenage user sends the request, the parent or guardian needs to confirm the request and a notification will be send to their Cash App account. Parents or Guardians who are accepting the request should be the verified users of the Cash App and should hold a Cash Card.  Once the approval is accepted from the parent or guardian side, Cash App will also approve the request. To approve any pending request made by the teenager follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Click on the Activity icon present at the Cash App home screen. 
  • Click on the View on Request for approval option. 
  • Read along with the terms and conditions and approve or decline them at your convenience. 

Note for teenagers- Who are requesting for authorization of their account

After successful sign in the user who is above the age of 13 and below 18 can complete their account authorization request, through either of the following: 

  • Requesting for a Cash Card
  • Sending one P2P(Peer-to-Peer) payment from the stored balance.  

How to make P2P payment from Cash app?

For making P2P payment follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Firstly, open the Cash App on your device.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and click on the option of Pay.
  • Type the email address, phone number, or $Cashtag and describe the reason for the payment and click on the option of Pay.

How to request Cash app card on Cash app?

For requesting a Cash Card, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Firstly, open Cash App on your device. 
  • Move to the tab of Cash Card present at Cash App home screen. 
  • Click on “Get Free Cash Card” option.
  • Click on Order or Personalized Card.
  • Select the Card you want to order.
  • Now, design your card and click “Done”.
  • Enter your date of birth and name.
  • Enter the information of the Guardian or parent. 
  • Click on the option of Send.

Any one of the actions mentioned above will prompt the user about their identity.

After successful detection of age between 13 to 17, Cash App will prompt the user to share parent or legal guardian’s details such as name, phone number, Cashtag, or email address.

Cash app will asks for the details of parents or guardian approval. 

How can a teenager make a cash app account ? 

A teen must simply download the cash app and then register for a free account.  

Whenever they make an effort to request a Cash Card or attempt to send a peer-to-peer payment the app will automatically verify their identity.  

Further, 13 to 17-year-olds will be appealed to input a parent or guardian’s email, contact number or $cashtag username.  

Then, Cash App will use their data to contact them (adult) and ask them to ‘OK’ their account. 

After this, the teen can order a Cash Card — which is actually a Visa debit card linked to their balance. They can use their Cash App account to send and receive money.  

It will probably take two weeks for the card to arrive in the mail. However one can use it to shop through Apple Pay as well Google Pay till then. 

Now, it’s important for you to know that the parent or guardian has to have an identity-verified Cash App account of their own, to approve the teen’s request. 

Moreover, you have to be aware about the fact that the adult is the legal owner of the account and is technically only an authorized user.  

One more important thing to note – the adult has the ability to “view a full record of transactions as well as transfers in their monthly statements.

They can also deactivate the Cash Card and account at any time in the app, according to their wish and Cash App’s website. 

What can teenagers do on cash app ? 

All the approved teenagers are permitted to send, receive as well as request up to $1,000 in payments every 30 days through Cash App.  

Also, they can simply add up to $7,500 a month to their balances as well as cash out up to $25,000 once a week. 

Moreover, every teen can set up direct deposit, withdraw cash from ATMs.

They can take advantage of Boosts, which are immediate rewards at retailers like Starbucks, Burger King, etc. 

Can a 13-year-old have Cash App ?  

For your information, anybody who is 13+ can request a Cash Card.  

Users who are 13-17 can get access to developed Cash App features in the US with consent from a parent or guardian. 

How to access user statements of Minor Cash App account holder?

To access the monthly statement of the Cash App account of a teenager, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Enter the details to log in to your Cash App account either on desktop or on your device. 
  • Tap on the option of Statements present on the Activity page. Choose the month you want the data of. 
  • Move down to choose the option of Authorized Accounts Section 
  • The account-holders can reach out to Cash App support for disabling one or more of the following: 
  • Cash Card. 
  • Direct deposit. 

To check your Cash app balance kindly click here.

What are some of the restrictions by Merchant?

The users are not allowed to make any Cash Card transactions at the following merchant: 

  • Cigar stores and stands: Cash Card doesn’t promote minors making use of cigars. Due to this, they applied this restriction.   
  • Dating services- Online dating can get diverting at the age between 13 to 17. Although, users are not allowed to use the Cash Card on dating services, as they are risky and can divert the mind. 
  • Government-owned lottery- Lotteries are not for children. Paying using a minor account is not allowed in Cash App. 
  • Bars, discotheques, nightclubs, cocktail lounges, and tavern-drinking places- The mentioned places are for adults and not for minors. 
  • Lodging- hotels, motels, and resorts-  Because of age restriction criteria minors are not allowed to make use of Cash Card here. 
  • The government allowed Casinos- The place is not for the minors and due to this, they are not allowed to use the Cash Card here. 
  • Car rental- Cars companies issue papers and they need the signature of the owner who is an adult. A kid has no part to play in this and due to this, they are restricted to using Cash Card here. 
  • Bail and bond payments- Bonds payments are generally done from the Minor account. A minor is not allowed to pay for any bond as the signature is not considered legal.


Cash App had opened the doors for teenagers and allowed Cash App for teenagers. User has to be major to avail all the facilities.

If you enter false/incorrect details on Cash App and later get verified with minor age criteria, then the user is only allowed for minor transactions.

Also, users have to prove their identity for any significant transactions with Social Security Number. 

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Can I get Cash App Cash Card at the age of 17? 

Yes, you can get a Cash Card if your age is 17. But that card will have certain restrictions. 

To receive a Cash Card, do I need to do my age verification? 

No, for the Cash Card you don’t have to do any age verification. Users need to apply for Cash Card from the application. The approval notification will be sent to the user guardian.

How can I verify myself on the Cash App under 18?

Users need to enter their full name, date of birth, Social security number, and mailing address. Cash App may ask for additional information to verify your account.

Do I need to be a major to get a Cash Card?

If you want to avail all the features of Cash App and Cash Card you need to be 18+ of age and a verified user. If you are not 18+ of age but 13+, then you apply for Cash Card. The confirmation for the same has to take from the guardian.