Cash App Notification | Types, Troubleshoot, Scams and more

Cash App notification is an essential thing to the users just as other notifications. Cash App sends notifications time-to-time regarding offers, discounts, updates and account security.

In this article, we will help you troubleshoot Cash App Notification Settings, sounds, and scams related to it.

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What Are The Types Of Cash App Notifications?

Types of Cash App Notifications

Like any other app, Cash App notifies its users about app updates, policy updates, discounts, offers, and account security.

For the notification purpose, Cash App utilizes various means such as app, email and text message notifications to stay in touch with you.

We will discuss the four types of Cash App Notifications specifically:

In-App notifications:

The In-App notifications are the notifications that you see after opening the Cash App.
Cash App shows In-App Notifications certainly for wallet and transaction updates, profile completion, and stocks. Cash App uses a “red dot” over the tab it wants to attract your attention to as an in-App Notification.  

Push notifications:

The Push Notifications are the notifications you see in your phone’s notification panel. Badges on App icons are also Push Notifications.

Cash App shows Push Notifications certainly for transactions’ success and failure, offers and suspicious activities.

Usually, Cash App Push Notifications are ones that require your immediate attention. 

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Email notifications:

The Email Notifications are the notifications you receive as an email from Cash App.
Cash App sends email Notifications such as monthly and custom statements, suspicious activity alerts, policy updates, etc. to its users.

Generally, Cash App sends notifications that require any file attached through email as email notifications.

The App sends notifications from its official email IDs having domain,, or (Square is the parent company of Cash App). However, you may receive emails from [email protected] if you have an open brokerage account. 

Text notifications:

Text Notifications are the notifications you receive as text messages from Cash App on your registered mobile number.

Generally Cash App sends notifications about transactions and suspicious activities as text notifications.

Text Notifications are the ones that require the user’s urgent attention.

How To Enable Or Disable Notifications On Cash App?

You can enable or disable certain types of notifications from Cash App. However, you cannot disable or deactivate in-App notifications because Cash App needs at least one way to contact you.

We will discuss the two methods by which can enable or disable Cash App notification settings:

In-App Settings:

Cash App provides you with an option to enable or disable push, text and email notifications.

Follow these steps to toggle notification settings from the Cash App:

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Open the Profile Tab from the top right of the Cash App home screen.
  3. Tap ‘Notifications’.
  4. Select the notifications you want to receive among push, text and email notifications (blank box means disabled whereas green box with tick mark means enabled).
  5. You can change the mobile number and email id on which you want to receive notifications.

In-Phone Settings:

You can enable or disable Cash App notifications from your phone settings similar to what you can do for any other app on both iOS and Android. However, the process slightly differs.

Follow these steps to enable or disable Cash App notifications on iOS:

  1. Firstly open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Navigate and open Notifications.
  3. Consequently select Cash App from the list of Apps on your device.
  4. Turn Allow Notification ‘On or Off’ as per your choice.
Cash App Notifications 2

Follow these steps to enable or disable Cash App notifications on Android:

  1. Firstly open setting on your android mobile.
  2. Navigate and open Apps & Notifications.
  3. Tap Notifications and subsequently go to App Settings.
  4. Find Cash App from the most recent notifications or find Cash App from the dropdown menu of All Apps.
  5. Turn notifications On or Off. You can also select the nature of notifications you want to receive.
Cash App Notifications 3

Note: You can only manage Push Notifications from your phone settings.

Why Are Cash App Notifications Not Working?
Cash App Notification Sound Not Working

The possible reason for Cash App Notification not working is accidentally disabling Cash App notifications from the Cash App application or phone settings.

  • Check your Cash App’s notifications settings from the Profile Tab > Notifications. Make sure the notifications you want to receive are turned on, and there is a green box with a tick mark in front of them.

If there is no problem with Cash App’s Notification Settings, check your phone’s notification settings in order to fix the problem.

  • Make sure your phone is not on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, if it is switched ON then turn it OFF. The other thing you can do is to check the Cash App notification settings from the phone settings. Open Settings > Notifications > App Settings > Cash App in order to make sure the notifications you want to receive are turned on.

If you face any difficulty with the Cash App notification sound or the Cash App notification sound is not working, then the problem must be from your phone’s notification setting because Cash App does not let you change sound settings from its Notification Settings.

Why Cash App Notification Won’t Go Away?

Notification Won't Go Away

If you see a Cash App notification that won’t go away, the reason might be that the notification wants you to take some action. The action might be changing your account details or completing a pending transaction.

To remove a Cash App notification that won’t go away, click on the notification and take action that it is prompting by following the instructions.

If there is a badge on the Cash App icon and that Cash App Badge won’t go away, open the app and check for in-app notifications. There might be something in the app that seeks your attention. Open all the tabs in Cash App one by one and look into the matter.

In case there is no pending notification inside the Cash App application and still the notification badge is displayed on Cash App then it might be a glitch. Try restarting your phone, re-enabling Cash App Notifications, and the last resort is re-installing the app.

What Are Fake Cash App Notification Scams?

Scammers and fraudsters use fake Cash App Notifications or claim to be a Cash App Executive in order to claim illegitimate money.

Phishing pages

Scammers send texts and emails with some links claiming to be a Cash App Executive. When you enter information on these links, the information is shared with scammers. To avoid these types of scams, avoid clicking and entering information on untrusted links received from untrusted sources.

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Fake Notification Or Payment Receipt

Scammers show a fake payment notification stating that they have made a wrong transaction and ask the victim to return the money. You can easily avoid these scams by checking the record of your transactions. There is no way where in Cash App would share the information with you about the transactions you are involved in.

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Cash App keeps its users updated with notifications.

We have covered the types of notifications you may receive on Cash App, how to activate or deactivate them, and potential scams and frauds related to notifications.


What are notifications on Cash App?
Cash App sends information about transactions, activity, updates, and offers to its users through email, text message, and in-app known as Cash App Notifications.

How do I know if someone received my Cash App Payment?
Cash App would notify you through text or in-app notification about the transaction status. This way you will know if someone received your Cash App Payment.

How to clear Cash App notifications?
If Cash App notification won’t go away, the simplest way to clear Cash App notification is to open it and take the action prompted by it.

What are push notifications on Cash App?
Cash App notifications are the messages from Cash App that pop on your status bar or lock screen.

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