Cash App Referral [Step-by-Step Guide]

Once you forward your Cash App referral code to invite your friend to activate and install Cash app in return you both will be awarded by an extra bonus.

Cash app referral is an offer by Square Inc. which is used as a promotional service among its users.

Recommendation:- If you want to receive the bonus, then make sure your friend uses your referral code while signing up and link a new debit card to make a mandatory $5 payment transfer within 14 days.

Whenever a new user sign-up with a referral code.

Both users (sender and receiver of referral code) earn a referral bonus in their respective accounts.

This article will cover important information on Cash App referral, cash app invite friends get $15 and cash app invite friends get $10.

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How to invite friends get $15 Cash App referral code?

Follow below mentioned steps to invite friends and get $15 Cash app referral code:

  • Open, login to Cash app account, click on the Activity tab on your Cash App.
Steps to invite friend on Cash app (1)
  • Click on the invite friends’ option.
Steps to invite friend on Cash ap (2)
  • Now, select a friend using the search bar.
Steps to invite friend on Cash app (3)
  • Click on the “Get $15” button to send the referral code.
Steps to invite friend on Cash app (4)
  • Here, the user can preview his referral code link, and also can edit before sending, tap on send option.
Steps to invite friend on Cash app (5)

What is referral code hack ? [cash app referral hack]

A newbie downloading the Cash App when enters the reward code and send their first $5 from a newly linked debit card both the sender and receiver receive the bonus as of now the referral code receiver will get $5 while the sender has a good opportunity to grab $15.

The reward code will be the combination of numbers and letters at the end of your invitation link. It is a shareable link as shown in the image below.

Steps to invite friend on Cash app (6)

Why is my Cash app referral not working?


There are some cases in which the user has reported where they did not get their referral credit. Most cases happen due to using wrong referral code or using expired links; thus, experts recommend users to sign up on Cash app by entering referral code manually.

Moreover, simply adding the reward code does not qualify you for the bonus from the cash app, you have to make the transactions in 14 days using a newly linked debit card.

Is there a referral bonus for Cash App ?  

Yes, there is a referral bonus for Cash App .  

You and your friends/family can get bonuses whenever they will use your Cash App ‘referral code’. Isn’t it interesting?  

To start this –  

  • Open cash App  
  • Click on the ‘profile icon’ given on your Home Screen  
  • In order to claim your referral bonus, your friend should complete the following steps from your text invite .  

How long does Cash app take to pay referral bonus?  

f you wish to know that how long does Cash app takes to pay referral bonus , check the status of your referral by clicking ‘Reward status’ in the app.  

If you want to claim the invitation bonus, your friend should use your code and a newly linked debit card to send a qualifying payment, and it will take up to 14 days.  

How can you redeem $20 for referring a friend to Cash App ?  

If you wish to redeem $20 for referring a friend to cash app or in order to claim the invitation bonus, your friend must use your code as well as a newly linked debit card to send a qualifying payment, and it will take up to 14 days.  

It’s not at all difficult. You can easily try this and get bonus whenever you wish.  

What is Cash App Referral Code and how much does it pay ?  

You must be aware that the Cash App referral code is an exclusive strand of letters allocated to each Cash App user for signing up.  

The codes like – JSMTBXW , _____will give you a free cash bonus as you enter it into the app, connect your bank account, and use the app to move at least $5 in 14 days of signing up. 

 Moreover, referral code for Cash App can be distribute with friends/family, or others who wants to join the app.  

For every individual who uses your free money code and sends at the minimum of $5 to another Cash App user in 14 days of opening an account, you will simply get up to a $30 referral bonus.  

Not only this, the person who will use your code will also get a $5 cash bonus. 

The cash app referral codes like – JSMTBXW, 737GWQC, etc. are authorize and will immediately provide a pending bonus in your Cash App account. 

As long as you are in the 14-day window of signing up with the app (or have the option to mention a code), you can use the code to get free money now.  

Furthermore, The fastest way to activate your sign-up bonus is to exchange five bucks with a friend/ family member who uses Cash App. 

You can invite a parent, or any of your close friend by using your Cash App code and get up to $35 ($5 for signing up as well as $30 for inviting a friend). 

Where is the Referral Code on Cash App ?  

If you want to find your exclusive code on Cash App, firstly you need to open the app and select profile icon on the top right of any screen. 

Then, select the button that says “Invite Friends, Get $30.” 

Further, you can permit Cash App to access your contacts and select the button “Get $30” next to your friends’ names.  

Now, this will simply generate a text message which comprises your Cash App code. You can see and save it if you want to share it in future. 

The other way to share your code is to –  

  • You need to select the share icon which is at the top right corner of the screen.  
  • After this, you can choose to copy your referral code to your phone’s clipboard or share it via email accordingly.

How can you get $30 from Cash App for inviting friends?

If you wish to get $30 from Cash App for inviting friends –  

  • Open your Cash App 
  • Click on the Activity tab 
  • Now, click ‘Invite Friends’ to invite friends to try Cash App
  • Whenever somebody new to Cash App creates an account, mentions your reward code, and sends a qualifying payment from a newly linked debit card, you both will get a bonus

Does Cash App pay you for referrals ?  

Yes, definitely Cash App pays you for referrals . Whoever uses cash app earns a bonus whenever a friend uses their invite code to send $5 or more than that from a new cash app account.  

Moreover, whoever is a newly signed-up that individual will also get an invitation bonus if they use the invite code to sign up as well as to create a new account.  

What is the reason you didn’t get your referral credit ?  

There are several instances where you might not get your referral credit .  

Let’s understand this through an example-  

Suppose any of your friend did not follow all the instructions and only used the referral code to sign up, in this case you won’t get any bonus.  

It is important for your friend to link the debit card and make transactions within 14 days for you to qualify for the referral credit. 

Not only this, if your friend in case uses an expired referral link or somehow enters the wrong code, you and your friend both won’t get any bonus.  

Conclusion :

Cash App referral code and Cash App referral hack has successfully helped the company to gain a large number of users. This article will help the users to earn a bonus of either $5 or $15 easily. Cash App referral code is safe and is widely used by users.

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How to use Cash app referral?

Cash app referral code can be used to earn $5 to upto $15 bonus from Cash app. The user will have to send his referral code to his freind for installing and using Cash app services.

Does the Cash App give $15?

After the first successful transaction, Cash App will give you $15.

What is the meaning of referral status on Cash App?

If you have been invited to Cash App, you will need to enter the reward code of the person who referred you. You can check the status of the referral by clicking on reward status in the app.  

Can I use a Cash App to invite friends to get $15?

Yes, any verified user can invite their friend to join Cash app and get $15.