How can a user get his money back after the Cash app Scam?

With the growth of networking and technology services, more and more users are being targeted to scams and fraudsters nowadays. Most of us receive scam calls, messages, and emails on our cell phones and PCs due to data breach. Data is an important factor behind these scams, and we have to stay vigilant while sharing our personal or banking information to any websites. In the recent year 2020, the Federal Trade Centre received 2.2 million reports about fraud and money scams; these reports have been counted for a loss of nearly $3.3 billion. 

In this blog, we will mention how cash app users can get their money back if they have lost their money in any  cash app scam. The blog includes information on money scams and frauds. Users can report a scam on Cash app; however, please keep in mind that Cash app support does not guarantee that you will get a refund.

How to report a scam on Cash App?

Please note if you find out that you have been scammed for an unknown transaction on Cash App by someone then you can immediately cancel the payment only if the payment receipt is displaying a cancel option on  your Cash App. If that is the case then follow below-mentioned steps to cancel the transaction:

  • Open and login to your Cash App account.
  • Click on the activity tab at bottom right. This will allow you to view entire Cash App transactions.
  • Once you are at the activity tab scroll and select the unknown transaction that you wish to cancel.
  • Once you find the transaction that you wish to cancel click the same, a menu window with payment details will open.
  • Click on the “…” placed at the top right of the screen.
  • Now select the “Cancel Payment” option to proceed further.
  • If the option to “Cancel Payment” is not available, click on “Request Refund”.

Note: To know the process to connect with cash app customer care representative click here.

It is easy for users to cancel a pending transaction with the above-mentioned steps; however, if users are not getting “Cancel” option then they should attempt to get the refund. In the next section, we have mentioned  complete steps to report a refund on the Cash app.

Before going ahead, we would like to provide you a link to Cash app security, Cash app security will help you in better understanding Cash app functionalities.

To raise a refund against accidental money transfer, users should follow below-mentioned steps: –

Steps to report a refund request on Cash app.

  • Open cash app on your mobile or PC.
  • Go to the “Activity Tab” option available on the home screen.
  • Transaction page will get opened, click on the transaction for which you need the refund.
  • Click on the “Refund” option.
  • Upon tapping on the “Refund” option, the receiver will get notification of the refund against the received payment.
  • Now, it is only the sole choice of  the receiver whether they want to return the money.

It is easy for users to perform the steps for Refund in case of accidental money transfers to incorrect Cash app account. Now, we would also recommend you to talk over a call after raising for a refund to the receiver to make them aware of the wrong transaction and request him/her to return your money.

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Wrapping up: – Going through the blog users can perform the steps to cancel a particular transaction on cash app easily. Also if the money is accidentally transferred to an incorrect account users can follow the steps to generate a refund request. Since Cash App transactions are instantly transferred it does not mean that you will get your money back however following some basic steps can help a user to a great extent.


Will the Cash app refund my money if I was scammed?

Funds are transferred to another account instantly by the user, Cash app does not have a policy to refund the amount.

How to report a Cash app scam?

The user should go to the activity page, and then follow the prompt instructions to report a Cash app scam.

Does the app provide an option to report Cash app scam?

No, Cash app does not have any specific option to report for Cash app scam only; however, Cash app users can report and ask for refund.

Will the Cash app refund stolen money?

No, Cash app does not refund stolen money.