Can I use Cash app without SSN ?

As most of us would want to know, Is it really possible to use features of the Cash app without SSN? A short answer is YES. Kindly read on to know more on the same.

What about payment gateway and its features can only a verified user use the same? So, in this blog, we have gathered the information for you.

What features of the Cash app can I use without SSN?

There are certain features that a user can access on Cash app without adding the SSN:

  1. The user can create his account by skipping SSN details.
  2. Users can send and receive $250 per week upto $1000 in a month. 
  3. One can easily link a debit or credit card on Cash app for making payments.
  4. Users can avail the benefit of a virtual debit card facility by Cash app, which can be used for making payment at online stores. 

Let us now understand WHY and WHEN the Cash app requires the user to attach SSN on the account. 

Why does the Cash app request SSN?

Cash app is a digital banking solution provider, which executes transactional operation under Sutton bank terms and conditions, and a physical bank requires users SSN detail to protect the money from getting scammed. It is also important to add SSN on the Cash app for unique identity. More reasons mentioned below to as why SSN is important on Cash app:

benefit of SSN on Cash app (1)
  • Ensure account access to the right user.
  • Facilitate Bitcoin purchase.
  • To offer the Stock trading option.
benefit of SSN on Cash app (2)
  • It assist business users in paying taxes with the Form-1099K.
  • To help users to cash out at any ATM.
  • It also provide Cash boost with a Cash Visa card for extra discount.

When does Cash app request a user to enter his SSN on Cash app?

We have listed the answer in two points mentioned below:

  • At the time of Signing up on Cash app it will ask you to enter accurate details like your phone number, e-mail Id, Banking detail, Debit card number and SSN. 
  • If the user had not verified his account before, and while initiating payment over and above the desired limit, then Cash app requests the user to attach SSN for increasing the limit.  

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Can I use a Cash app without an SSN?

Verified vs non-verified

Yes, Cash app users can use Cash app without attaching the SSN. However, there are some limitations on the same, as Cash app has two types of users; one is a verified user, and the second is a Non-verified user.

In brief you can see the difference mentioned below:

Verified User:-Verified users are those who attach their SSN and other relevant details on Cash app server after following the Cash app verification process successfully.

Non Verified user:- Non-verified users are those who are not intended to share their SSN on Cash app server or have failed the verification.

You can additionally understand the benefits and details of Verified and Non-Verified users.

Wrapping up: – This blog is based on accessible features on Cash app without SSN. Furthermore, we have also provided detailed information on why does Cash app requires an SSN for using the fullest feature? Moreover, we would like to recommend you to read Things to know about Cash app.


Can I use Cash app without sharing my SSN?

Yes, the user can use Cash app without sharing SSN; however, he is limited to enjoy the fullest features of Cash app interface.

Why does Cash app ask for SSN?

Cash app asks SSN for the betterment of users’ experience and to protect from the risk of fraudsters and money scams.

How much money can I send without SSN?

The user can send $250 per week and $1000 per month without sharing SSN on Cash app server.

Is it mandatory to get verified for purchasing Bitcoin?

Yes, only verified user could buy, sell stocks and bitcoin on Cash app.