Can I Delete Cash App history? [100% Solution]

If you’ve decided to delete Cash App history from your Cash App account, this blog will help you reach your goal.

Now, most of you would have searched and are looking for answers to “Why there is no possible way to delete Cash App activity? Furthermore, what can you do ahead?

Let’s start and answer the questions mentioned above in the below pointers, kindly don’t skip.

As per our survey conducted most of the users are looking to find steps to delete the Cash App history of their account. 

So, this blog will help users who want to learn “How to delete Cash app history?”.

Users will get several blogs on the internet under the tag line of “delete cash app history”, but most of the blogs are non-profitable and non-relevant to the subject. Cash App does not allow its users to change or delete history, like other payment apps Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal, does not allow its user to delete transaction history. The cash app maintains all the transaction history for its internal use.

Now you are at the right place since you know that in Cash App there is no way to delete its user history so let’s go ahead and read, Why Cash app does not allow its users to delete Cash Application history?

How to delete Cash App History ?

Cash app history is like your account statement which cannot be edit or deleted. There can be an alternate way by which one can delete cash app history.

You can delete your cash app account completely, thus resulting in clearing all the history of your transaction. Steps are mention below how to delete cash app account.

Steps to Delete Cash App account

  • Open your device and logged into your account.
  • Go to the “Support” option.
  • Now, scroll down to select the “Something Else” option.
  • Again, scroll down, select the “Account Settings” option.
  • You’ll find the last option as “Close my Cash App Account”.
  • Click on the bottom “Confirm” to delete your cash app account.
  • Cash App will pop-up a warning notification to Close an account.
  • Click “Confirm”, you’ll receive an e-mail regarding Cash app account closure.

How to Clear Transaction History on Cash App?

Transaction history cannot be deleted from cash app account, it can be only done by deleting cash app account. All the steps were mention above hope you can delete your cash app account from there and all your transaction will be erase.

What are the reasons behind the cash app not allowing users to delete Cash App’s history?

There are mainly two reasons behind the restriction of deleting cash app activity.

Security Terms: – Cash app has made terms and conditions similar to the industry norms, and to achieve the PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification, they cannot allow users to delete their transaction history from the cash app account.

Before going ahead, we would like to inform you that our team has also published a blog on Cash app security.

What is the PCI DSS certification?

The PCI DSS is a toughen-security certification, it can be achieve by following certain parameters from a global forum, regarding data security standards and resources for safe payments worldwide.

Financial Report: – Cash app is a peer to peer payment gateway that maintains the records of every money transaction to resolve any dispute raises in the future.

We often get stuck while checking for monthly bills and suddenly find out the misplaced bills while making monthly expense reports. In this case, Cash app payment history helps an individual to check and prepare for the next expense budget.

We hope now you are clear to the face Why a user cannot delete his Cash App history or still, if you are looking for ways to delete your Cash App activity. So, let us be 100% clear as there is no alternative way to do it except deleting your cash app account.

If you want to delete your Cash App account then please note this step will erase your data from their server. If you wish to create a new account, you can do that which will help you to get a clean history.

How to delete cash app history on android and on iPhone ?  

It’s important for you to know that it is not possible for you to delete cash app history on android.  

Unfortunately, you can’t erase it if you wish to. There is no such option given by this app to delete the cash app transaction history.  

Moreover, it isn’t required. However, users still sometimes wants to delete it.  

If you still wish to prevent anyone from your app’s transaction then you can simply delete your cash app account for all time.  

Remember, if your cash app gets deleted, your transaction will not be visible to anybody and nobody can have access to it.  

Can I delete my cash app account and make a new one? 

If you decide to delete your account and then later you wish to open a new one, you can definitely do that.  

You can always create a new account, after you delete it.  

Users can create another account by using the same email address, contact information as well as the bank account.  

However, it’s important for you to know that creating another account won’t restore your payment history from your earlier deleted account.  

You can make a new account at any time, you wish to. 

What happens when you delete cash app ?  

For your information, when you decide to delete cash app, it will be deleted permanently.  

Also, if someone tried to send you money, there be an error shown to them because obviously your account is deleted so they can’t send any amount of money.  

If you want your account again, you will have to create your Cash App’s Id again.  

How to hide cash app history? 

If you wish to hide your cash app history, there is no way to do that.  

Sadly, there is no option to hide or delete your Cash App’s transaction history.  

Still you want to do so there is only one way to do so by deleting your Cash App permanently. You can only remove or hide your Cash App history by removing the account.  

By doing this, all your data will be cleared as well your transaction history.  


This blog consist information about Cash app that Cash app does not allow it user to delete Cash app history. Moreover, we would like to recommend you to read Things to know about Cash app Customer service, this blog will help you out to take further steps.

Still, if you’re unable to delete your Cash App Account by following the above steps, then we’ve also provided a small video representation for your assistance, and a separate blog on How to delete Cash app account?.


How to Delete Cash App activity from my account?

Sorry, Cash app does not allow its users to delete Cash App activity from their account due to industry norms.

Will I get the old history If I wish to create a new account after deleting the current cash app account?

No, if you’ve deleted your old account and, wish to create a new account. You’ll get everything as a new user, and you’ll also get a new page of the transaction history.

What is the reason behind the restriction from deleting cash app transaction history?

There are many reasons behind the restriction of deleting cash app transaction history. But the main reason is that transaction history helps to maintain your payment records and resolves future disputes.

How many months of transaction history we can view on Cash app history?

Users can view their cash app history since the creation of their account on the Cash App site or on their handy device. Cash App also allows users to download their transaction history for the desired duration

How to clear Cash app history?

Sorry, there is no way to delete Cash app history; although, you can delete your account and then re-create a new account with the similar details.