How To Activate Cash App Card -Complete Easy Guide

Activating Cash App card can be very easy if users follow guidelines in the below-mentioned manner.

Our Expert David from Cash App has laid down below mentioned easy steps which have to be follow in order to activate the cash card by two different methods.

Whether you owe someone for dinner or you need to pay for a service, apps such as Cash App allows users to exchange money without needing to open the wallet or visiting an ATM.

Also, One of the significant advantages of using a Cash App is that users can use their app balance to pay retailers that accept Visa or Master Card.

Users can also use their Cash Card to take money out of an ATM.

How to Request a Cash Card ?

Launch Cash App on your phone.
Click on the Cash Card icon, second from the left at the bottom of the screen.
Cash Card
Click the Cash Card icon on the left.
Click the green “Order” button.
Cash Card
Click “Order” to begin setting up your Cash Card.
Next, choose the color which you want your Cash Card to display. (As of now you can only choose between black or white).
Cash Card
Choose a colour for your Cash App Card.
On the next page, you can select whether or not you would like your unique $Cashtag to appear on the front of your card. Swipe the toggle for yes or no-if the toggle is green it means that $Cashtag will be on the front of your card, and if it is white, your $Cashtag will not be on your card.
Now on the same screen, you can also add your signature or drawing of your card by clicking the box that says “Tap to Customise”. Using your finger as an input, you can draw anything in the box or click on the smiley face icon at the bottom of the screen.
You can customise your Cash Card with a signature or drawing. 
On the next page, enter the address where you would like to receive your Cash Card. Click the green “Next” button to confirm.
Enter your first and last name, which will be print on your card. Click “Next”.
Enter your date of birth. To generate the request for Cash Card, you need to be at least 18 or older. Click “Next”.
At last enter the last four digits of your social security number. Click “Next”.
A page would pop up confirming that your card request went through. Click “Next”.
So, from here you will get redirected to a page where you can add funds to your card. You can either enter the amount that you would like to add or click on the small grey “X” at the top-right of the screen to exit.
activate cash app card
Show the details about the Cash Card before you order. 

Once the order gets place for your Cash Card, you will have to wait for ten business days for the card to arrive.

Note: You need to 18 or older to order a Cash Card

How to activate your Cash Card using a QR code ?

You can activate your Cash Card using a QR code by following below mentioned steps:

Launch Cash App on your phone.
On the home screen, click the Cash Card icon second from the left at the bottom of the screen.
Then, on the next page, click “Activate Cash Card” to set up.
The application will take your permission to use your camera to scan the QR code found on your Cash App card. You need to hold the card till the same is aligned with the camera. Once the QR code is aligned, your Cash Card will officially be activated and will be ready to use.
Activate Cash Card
Click “Activate Cash Card” to activate your card.

How to activate your Cash Card without a QR code?

Follow below mentioned steps to activate your Cash Card without QR Code:

Launch Cash App on your phone.
On the home screen, click the Cash Card icon second from the left at the bottom of the screen.
Then, on the next page, click “Activate Cash Card” to set up.
Now instead of using your camera, click on the “Missing QR code” button and select “Use CVV Instead.”
At last, enter CVV code and expiration date which will be located on your new Cash Card. Once you enter the information, your Cash Card will set up and ready to use.
Activate Cash Card
Tap “Missing QR code” to enter the CVV code on your Cash Card. 

Why my Cash app card is not working at ATM?

Cash app card can be use at any ATM only after its activation; however, if you are facing issue while using Cash app card at ATM then there may be a reason from the following list mention below.

  • Entering wrong PIN
  • Insufficent Fund
  • Used Daily withdraw limit
  • Unactivated Card
  • Damaged Card
  • Poor internet connection at ATM
  • Unstable bank network

Why am I unable to withdraw cash from ATM?

Cash app visa debit card supports over every ATM network; however, there is a chance you are using an ATM that does not support Visa debit card.

Furthermore, Cash app has also set some limitation for cash withdraw such as user can only $310 per transaction$1,000 per 24-hour period$1,000 per 7-day period.

Other reasons are :-

  • Wrong Pin,
  • Insufficent Fund,
  • Disable card

Note: Additionally, if you are facing any technical error for mail service application such as Gmail, Yahoo kindly visit

How to add Cash app card on Apple pay?

If you wish to add cash app card to Apple Pay , follow the below given steps – 

  • Open Cash App on your smartphone.  
  • Click on the ‘Cash Card Tab’ on the app’s Home Screen.  
  • Now click on the option Cash Card and then select the image of your cash card. 
  • Then, select on the menu that says ‘add to Apple Pay’.
  • Follow the steps as they appear on the screen ( on the next page ) . It will confirm your cash card is added to Apple Pay , on the final screen.  
  • At last, click on ‘Done’ which is given at the bottom of your screen  

How to re-order if Cash app card stolen?

If your Cash app card has been stolen, the steps to order new Cash app card as you have ordered before.

Also note, Cash app charges $5 for re-ordering Cash app card.

Precaution to be followed, if Cash app card stolen:-

There are chances that someone can use your Cash card. So follow the below mentioned guideline to protect your hard earned money from getting scam.

Disable Cash app card:- Cash app offers enable/disable option for Cash app card. So, if you have lost your card, disable it as soon as possible from your mobile application or by logging onto Cash app official website.

Contact Cash app Support:- Connect with Cash app customer support and inform the detail where you lost the card.

How to scan on Cash app?

Cash app Pay is a recently introduce feature that help users to pay bills using scan option. For detailed information to kindly click here Cash app Pay.

Further, the parental organization Square Up announced it will help user to make contactless payment; moreover, the organization also stated, “You are not charged a fee when you are using Cash App Pay”.

After Activating your cash app card you can explore

Steps to Activate Cash Card Through Video Tutorial:-

Can you put Cash App card on wallet ? 

If you wish to add Cash App card on wallet, follow the below given steps –  

  • Open the Apple wallet app on your Apple device. 
  • Click on the plus sign (+) to add a new card to an Apple Wallet. 
  • Then, follow the reminds given on the screen using the Cash App card’s information.  
  • Open your cash app on an Apple Device.  
  • At last, verify if your card was added.  

How will you get to know if your cash app card is activated?

If you wish to check the activation status of your cash app card, follow the below mentioned steps-  

  • Log into your cash app account.  
  • Next, tap on the cash card image. 
  • Then, search for an option to activate your card if in case it hasn’t activate yet. 
  • Further, if your card is already active , this option won’t be available.  

Why can’t I activate my Cash App Card ?  

After you have entered your CVV, you might have to type in the card’s expiry date to activate your Cash App Card.  

If in case your card doesn’t gets activated after all this, contact Cash App support instantly.  

Further, you can contact on the number given on the Cash app Card to get help.  

If you are unable to activate a cash card for security reasons, it is advised to wait for some time and try activating it later.  

Otherwise you can call Cash App customer service, if you still face any issues. They will guide you properly.  

Can you activate your cash app card before it arrives?  

For your information, you are required to have the QR code that arrives with your card or the details that have been mentioned on the card.  

Obviously for both things, you need to have the card. This results, that activating your cash app card before it arrives is not possible.  

How can you make sure that your cash app card is activated?  

If you want to be sure that your cash app card is activated, follow the below mentioned steps-  

  • Open Cash App  
  • Click on Cash Card tab on your app’s Home Screen  
  • Then, click on the image of your cash card 
  • Click on ‘Activate Cash Card’ 
  • Now click on ‘OK’ whenever your app asks for permission to utilize your camera  
  • At last, scan the QR code.  

So, this is how you can make sure that your cash app card is activated.

How can you activate your Cash App Card on a computer?  

If in case your don’t wish to or can’t activate your Cash App card on your smartphone, you can simply do it using the Cash App website . To do this, follow the below mentioned steps-  

  • Firstly, log in to cash app 
  • Then, click on the balance tab which is on the left-hand side  
  • Then, click on ‘Activate’ 
  • At last, follow all the prompts  


Please note these steps were designed by David from the Cash App team and they assure a 100% guarantee in activating cash card. However, one needs to read the steps clearly one by one in order to get the maximum benefit from the same.

Following these steps will not only activate your cash app card at ease but will work without any errors involved. In case if anyone is still facing an issue you can contact the given number on your screen or fill the form down below.


Why my Cash App card is not activating?

In this case, you can go to the Cash App setting, from there disable and enable the card once. Then it would work properly.

How can I dispute the charge on Cash App card?

For any unknown charge on your Cash App card, you need to contact Cash App support, they need information reason & personal details to help with the disputed part.

What are the benefits of Cash App card?

Cash App card allows you to make payments everywhere. Also, you can withdraw money from any ATM. You can also customise the card with a signature on it, as per your wish.

What is activate cash app card 1800 number?

If you are getting any trouble while activating the Cash App card then you can dial 1800 in your mobile phone to contact support and know the main cause because of which you are unable to activate the Cash App card.

How to activate cash app card again?

The user can enable again the disabled card with the help of the steps given above in the article. The activation and deactivation of the card can be done directly from the Cash App.

How can you activate cash app card before it arrives?

It is not possible to activate the Cash App card before it reaches your home. This is because to activate the Cash App card you need some details like account number, expiry, and CVV which are given on the card itself. Then the card can also be activated with the help of a QR code and that is also there with the card. So, you need to wait for the card to arrive.

What’s the number to activate your Cash App card?

There is no such number to activate card instead you can follow few simple steps and your card will be activated. You can find the steps in the upper blog.

How do I activate my cash APP card without the app?

Well, there is no other way to activate a cash app card without the app, with just 3 steps you can activate the card on your own, steps can be seen in this blog.