Install Cash App on your Device [100%] by yourself | Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to install Cash App on your device, this blog will help and teach you step by step method to install Cash App on your iOS & android device. 

We have mentioned the best practical methods which will help you to download and install Cash App on your device. We will cover the installation method for iOS and android; furthermore, we will tell you,

“How you can register Cash App using PC?”.

So, let’s start installing Cash App on your device. Please note the current version of the Cash App is 3.35 for IOS, and the version is recently updated on March 16′ 2021.

Steps to install Cash App on iOS (Apple Phone)

  • Open the “App Store” on your iPhone. 
  • Go to the search bar and type “Cash App“.

Note: The official App of Cash App has a Green background with a white colour dollar Sign on its centre; the developer of Cash App is “Square Inc.

  • Once you find the Official app, click the “Get” button to start downloading.
  • The cash app is a 225.6 Mb app; so, it will take few seconds to download.
  • Once you will get a notification of successful installation, you can open the app and register there.

Hope, you have installed Cash app on your mobile hassle-freely, to create a new Cash app account, please read this blog, Click here.

Don’t worry if you are not an iOS user, we have also provided steps on “How to install Cash App on Android Phone?”; yes, the cash app is fully compatible with all Android phones.

As you are a new user of Cash app, we would like to recommend you read Cash app Clearance fees.

Steps to install the cash app on your Android

  • Open the “Google Play Store” on your Android phone.
  • Go to the search bar and type “Cash App“.
  • Kindly do check for the Green background and dollar icon app. See the image given below.
  • Check the developer name before installing; the developer name is “Square Inc.
  • Click “Install
  • After the successful installation of the Cash App, you open your installed app on the same phone to enjoy services.

If you want to register on Cash App without using your iOS/Android; then, you can use an alternative method where you can use your PC. We will also update the method to access Cash App features through the official website of Cash App below. 

We have also mentioned a blog for further assistance, if the user want to login Cash app without Phone number.

Login cash app using PC in a few simple steps

Follow the below-mentioned steps to register on Cash App:-

  • Just open the web-browser on your PC.
  • Type in the search bar.
  • Click at the extreme right as shown via the green arrow in the below-mentioned image, select the “Register” option.
  • Now, you can register for a Cash App account by entering proper details, and then you can access the same feature of Cash App on Android as well.

If you have already an account Cash app before; however, you do not have login credentials of the old account; kindly read Access Old Cash App Account.

Wrapping up: Following the above-mentioned steps will help you installing Cash App on your device. Still, if you are not able to install the Cash app; we would recommend you to see a short video representation provided below on “How to install Cash App?”


Can I install Con my new phone?

Yes, you can install Cash App on your new phone by following the steps mentioned above.

Can I use my PC for registering on Cash App?

Yes, the user can register using PC on Cash App; the user can register and install Cash App on any device, or the user can also use the official Cash App website to register.

How can I find the official Cash App on the app store?

You can easily find the official Cash App on the app store; you will have to check the background colour; the colour should be green with a dollar sign in the centre.

What is the difference between iOS/Android cash app?

There is no difference between the iOS/Android cash app. The user can access all the features of the cash app in both of the versions I.E on iOS or Android.

What is the size of the cash app for Android?

The recent version of the cash app is 3.35.1, and its size is 28 Mb; the current version was updated on March 15’2021.