Bitcoin Transactions on Cash App [ Fastest & easiest way to buy and sell ]

For residents of the United States, Square’s Cash App is mostly the easiest way for newcomers to enter the crypto market and invest in Bitcoin’s.

Bitcoin is part of Cryptocurrency and it has gained all the popularity across the world. Thanks to the number of application available on the mobile platform to help and encourage the mass adoption of crypto currency in our economy.

If you did not install Cash app on your mobile yet, this blog will help you in installing Cash app on your Android/iOS mobile.

Before the introduction of mobile apps it was very  cumbersome to buy Bitcoin’s because it required considerable time with high fees involved.

It has become much more easier to transact Bitcoins as Cash App has one of the easiest user interface that lets users to buy and withdraw Bitcoins effectively within minutes.

Jack Dorsey at CES

Jack Dorsey(CEO of Square Inc.) who has devolved Cash App has announced recently that he is committed to Bitcoin and its growing trend. Jack has officially said in a statement that Bitcoin will play an ever-growing role in Cash App’s infrastructure in the future.

Now we know that Cash App + Bitcoin = easy adoption , kindly follow below mentioned article to gain insights in detail of buying Bitcoins via Cash App.

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Steps to buy Bitcoin on Cash App:

In order to invest in Bitcoins users have to verify their identity.Once verification is done users can then invest in Bitcoins easily.

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Follow below-mentioned steps to buy Bitcoins after the verification of Cash App account:

Open Cash App on your Smartphone.
Click at Home button (highlighted in Red). 
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step1
Click on “Bitcoin” below Deposits & Transfers.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step2
Verify your identity by entering your full name and Social Security Number. A notification will be received for the completion of your verification.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step3
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step4
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step5
Click on Investing Tab. Under investing you can see Stocks and Bitcoin, click on Bitcoin Tab.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step6
Chart of Bitcoin’s recent performance will be displayed, click on Buy
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step7
If you like you can set up recurring purchases ($1, $10, $20, $50, $100) to DCA (dollar cost average) into Bitcoin and click next (highlighted in green).
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step8
Enter the desired value that you want to buy and click Next.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step9
Overview of your order will appear highlighting the amount of BTC. Click “Confirm” to buy your BTC.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step10
Congratulations on your purchase, now click  on “Done”.
buy Bitcoin on Cash App step11

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How can you sell Bitcoin through Cash App?

Open Cash App on your device.
Click “investing”.
Click the tab “Bitcoin”.
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step2
Click the option “Sell.”
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step3
Enter the value of the amount that you want to sell or drag the bar to select the amount.
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step4
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step5
Scan your fingerprint by entering your Touch ID or PIN.
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step6
Confirm your entered BTC at the current exchange rate by  pressing Confirm.
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step7
Screen will display “You sold 0.0000XXXX BTC”.
sell Bitcoin through Cash App step8

Kindly note some important pointers:

  • Sale and purchase of Bitcoins are possible if a user has a minimum of 0.001 balance in his account.  Users can withdraw $2000 amount of Bitcoins in a day, and in a week to the maximum limit of  $5000.
  • Users can withdraw Bitcoins to a limit.$2000 of Bitcoins in a day or $2000 of Bitcoins in a week to a maximum of $5000 in a week.
  • It takes 30-40 minutes on transactions of Bitcoin.

Fees involved in buying and selling of Bitcoins on Cash App:

Please note that Cash App charges two kinds of fees on transactions of Bitcoins. Every user can evaluate the fees listed on the trade confirmation before the transaction is completed. In case if any user thinks fees are too high, they can stop the transaction. 

As mentioned Cash App charges two kinds of fees for Bitcoins transactions. The most basic fee charged is the service fee for each transaction. The second fee depends on the market activity as it keeps on fluctuating; it is determined by price volatility across U.S exchanges.

For example, These figures are taken from some of the live examples of transactions on Cash App.

Eg1. $0.10 fee is charged for a $10 purchase, that is 1% of the total purchase value. 

Eg2. On $50 purchase $0.88 fee is charged, which is 1.76% of the total purchase value.

Eg3. A $100 purchase of Bitcoins would attract a fee of $1.75, which is equal to 1.75% of the total purchase value.

Square Inc. rounds down in certain circumstances.

Can you send Bitcoin to an External Wallet?

Bitcoins can be easily send or withdraw to an external wallet using Cash App. Follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open Cash App on your device, select profile icon at extreme upper-left.
  2. Scroll to  Funds and select “Bitcoin”.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. After verification select “Transfer Out” and click Confirm.
  5. Now scan the QR code from the external wallet, or select “Use Wallet Address” at extreme bottom of the screen.
  6. At last press Confirm.

Note: Once you’ve performed all the steps as stated above properly on your Cash App, your Bitcoins will soon be sent to a external wallet however please note it can take several hours for your trade to receive completed.

Can we schedule the purchase of Bitcoin automatically?

In accordance with the report, users are now able to make an automated order of bitcoin via Cash App. This may be carried out in tiny denominations which will result in more accessibility.

To begin with, users may set up a $10 minimum payment significance that the app would purchase $10 of $ Bitcoins daily or once per week or two two weeks.

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Is it secure to purchase and sell bitcoins on Cash App?

Cash app is among the safest and secure available platforms for trading Bitcoins. Without verification, nobody can get the trades of Bitcoins on Cash App.

Cash App has rigorous algorithms which assess every trade. If it encounters any unusual activity, it gives an error as “ Cash App Payment Failed”.The trade amount becomes reimbursed within 1 to 3 working days mechanically.


Within this guide, you will get the steps to buy and sell Bitcoins rapidly. Proceed through the comprehensive article since there are additional questions solved for Bitcoins.

If you still face any problem, you can contact our customer support section for fast resolution of your inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you send Bitcoin from Cash App to another wallet?

Yes, you can Send Bitcoin from Cash App to wallet. The steps to transfer to another wallet are given in the article. You can check and follow these steps.

Can I send Bitcoin from Cash App to Paxful?

Yes, you can transfer BTC from Cash App to Paxful. You can also purchase BTC from the lists of vendors online. Vendors on Paxful are allowed to set the rate for BTC and set the margin. You can choose the offers as per your understanding.

Can you send Bitcoin from Cash App to Coinbase?

No, there is no such update from Cash App. In future if there will be any update on this, you will get the notification for the same on your registered email.

Can you send Bitcoin from Cash App to External Wallet?

Yes, you can transfer BTC from Cash App to other wallets by entering the wallet address in the Cash App. For the steps you can check the article.

Can I send Bitcoin from Cash App to Blockchain?

No, there is no such update from the end of Cash App or Blockchain. You will get the notification if there will be any update from Square Inc. or Blockchain.