How to protect yourself from Venmo Scams?

An app that is designed for simple money transfers. Venmo works the same way as an electronic banking transaction; this platform is significantly growing, so are the Venmo Scams.

They are now the center for any fraudulent transactions. With on going scams it is extremely important as a user to take precautions. Protect yourself from the recent ongoing Venmo Scams as we have mentioned possible solutions on the same.

What are the types of Venmo Scams? 

Money offer for multiplication: 

One of the famous Venmo Scams, where you will be asked to send a small amount of money to receive larger amount in return.  A scammer may create a social media account and approach you for making a small transfer of the amount.

The scam is in circulation with different names, like money circle, cash wheel, or pyramid scheme. You may receive the request on any social media platform.

The best way to protect yourself from this kind of scam is to ignore the stranger who is asking to transfer the money even in the name of donations. 

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Random Transfer: 

It sometimes happens that you receive the transfer in Venmo accidentally. Well, it is not an accident or an honest mistake. It is one of the high-tech twists on a classic con.

It is a trick by scammers for receiving the money. The scammer may use a stolen credit card or bank account number to make the transfer of several dollars in your account and then send you the message for sending the money back. The amount sent by you now goes to the criminal’s personal card and the stolen amount is moved further from your account. 

Pretentious request:

It may happen that scammers make fake profiles with the name of your friend or a family member and request you to make the transfer.

In such a case, before making the transfer check the account properly and confirm the same from your friend or family member on the availability of the account. 

Unsolicited emails: 

It is in circulation that Venmo users are receiving fake text messages or unsolicited emails that look like notifications. This type of scam is known as smishing.

In this kind of scam, you have to click on a disguised link inside the text message. Text will appear to come from a legitimate Venmo account whereas the link will take you to the fake Venmo log-in page where the scammer steals your user data and financial information when you try to log in. 

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Selling to Stranger: 

While sending something on Venmo, we tend to verify the person’s account. While selling to a stranger you will find them asking for services or goods without even making legitimate transfers.

For convincing the sellers of the funds they have in their account, they may send you screenshots of fake emails or may pay you with a stolen credit card. They may also give you the reason that payment will reach the Venmo account once the item is shipped and the information for the same is provided. 


To protect yourself from Venmo Scams we recommend to keep the transactions between the people you know and trust. In case you receive any unusual request from someone you already know then double-check their profile. 

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How to participate in Venmo survey giveaway?

There is no giveaway organized or announced from Venmo; it is a type of scam that would result in loosing the money.

Is there any Venmo scam on the internet?

Yes, scammers are using phishing techniques and looting in the name of Venmo giveaway and survey. You should avoid the message and calls which in specific demand you to pay money urgently.

How to report Venmo scammers?

To report Venmo scammers, you can call or mail, you can also report about scam using Venmo help centre number available on Venmo official site.