How to Verify Cash App?

As per banking rules, identity verification is one of the basic rules to ensure client’s money protection. Going through the blog one will understand “How to verify identity on Cash App?”. We have gathered important information regarding the topic, we strongly recommend you to read till the last section.

Since the rise of the Covid19 most of the consumers started surfing the internet for buying essential items and for financial transactions. Banking facilities have improved a lot and as a result due to lockdown more consumers were accessing service via online bank’s portal.

Most of the payment gateways are enabled with different payment apps. In specific non- verified Cash App users can transact only for a limited amount even if they only want to send or receive money. Kindly note that a non-verified user cannot send or receive more than $250 per week and $1000 per month; however, a verified user can do transactions till $7500 per week.

Process to verify identity on Cash app: –

Let’s start understanding the process of Cash app verification step by step below.

  • Login to your Cash App account on your mobile.
  • Click on the “$” icon on the left corner of the screen.
  • Then click the “Add Cardtab.
  • Enter your name, tap next.
  • Enter your Birth detail, tap next.
  • Input your account number, Expiration date, and CVV number.
  • Now, you need to enter the SSN.
Cash app verify steps
  • Give permission to your mobile camera; scan the government ID card.
Cash app verify steps
  • Take a selfie to upload for identity verification.
Cash app verify steps
  • The user will get submission confirmation on email/phone.
Cash app verify steps
  • The user will get verification (Successful/Failed) status on the email within 48 hours.
Cash app verify steps

Note: The user who wants to verify his Cash app account should have a government-approved SSN; in case the user uses a Fake or duplicate SSN, his verification may be canceled sooner or later.

Kindly note the process to verify the identy remains the same, also you can also look for an alternative option to verify the identity on Cash app.

Why Cash app demands SSN to verify the identity of its user?

Before heading towards the answer let us read about SSN in brief below:-

Cash App SSN

SSN:- SSN stands for Social Security Number; the SSN issued to U.S citizens based on legal permanent residents and non-immigrants only; it’s of 9 digits in numerical series. It is an important component of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Cash app is a virtual bank; its transactional operations are process by Lincoln Savings bank; when a customer selects Cash app as a payment gateway they will have to agree on FDIC policy as well; that is the reason why Cash app demands SSN details.

Now users can easily verify their identity on Cash App by following the steps mentioned in the blog. It is important to understand Cash app verification benefits as mention below.

Cash app verification benefits:-

A Cash App verified user enjoys extra benefits as once the account is verified user can avail following services:

Cash App Account Security

Account Security

All the account of Cash App users are safe and protected, however when a cash app verified user links his SSN his additional details are saved on the server. Verified users earn the priority of assistance from the Cash app. For e.g. If a user sends $100 to his friend, but due to some technical error or network problem; the payment gets halted in the bank, in this case; a verified user will get priority while dealing with the service provider.

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Increase cash app transaction Limit

Increase transaction Limit

Most user prefer online payment gateways for making small payments; however, sometimes they need to increase their transactional limit; although, Cash app offers a prime service option where a verified user can send or receive money up to $7500 per week.

Benefits of Cash app verification

Enable Stock Market: – This is one of the prominent add-ons for Cash app verified users where users can sell and purchase stock on the same platform. Cash app platform does not charges any additional fees for stock trading on the app. 

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Benefits of Cash app verification

Enable Cryptocurrency Exchange: –  Cash app offers Cryptocurrency exchange at reasonable service rates. Most people are using Cash app for the same purpose.

Benefits of Cash app verification

Cash App physical card

Cash app physical card is another amazing feature of Cash app where cash app user can withdraw money at  ATM from their wallet; moreover, they can save money by adding a boost to their card.

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How To Bypass Cash App Verification?


Cash App Verification is not mandatory. However, Cash App wants all its users to verify themselves to maintain the app’s reliability and trace scams and frauds.

Close the verification dialog box to skip or bypass Cash App verification.

Cash App prompts you time and time to verify your account to confirm your identity. The good thing is, you can skip Cash App verification. Nonetheless, you want to avail verified account features or Cash App has flagged your account.

Why do People want To Bypass Verification On Cash App?

Many people bypass the Cash App verification because they distrust many apps with their crucial information.

People with such understanding avoid sharing their SSN (Social Security Number) with new apps.

However, Cash App is an approved Government Authority accepted by multiple banks in the US.

Can You Use Cash App Without Account Verification?


Yes, you can use Cash App even without verifying your account.

If you do not verify your account, the shortcomings you would have to face are transaction limits and annoying notifications.

Cash App imposes a transaction limit on its users of $250 within any 7-day period while sending and $1,000 within any 30-day period while receiving money.

Cash App will prompt you again and again until you complete your account verification. However, Cash App has a good reason for this, that is, to make the platform safe and reliable.

Wrapping up

Now users can follow simple steps easily to verify their identity on Cash App which will help them to activate full features of the app. Reading the complete blog users will also know the benefits of Cash App verification.

As per official communication from Cash App it is important to verify your account to receive the Cash Card.


How much time does Cash App take for the verification process?

Cash app verification could take up to 48 hours, as soon as verification is completed, the user will receive a successful/failed message on the registered mail.  

Can I use a fake SSN while applying for identity verification?

We will strongly suggest you to avoid these attempts; this may be subjected to account cancellation or other restrictions.

Why does the Cash app ask for verification after making a payment?

Cash app does not ask users for identity verification, who are transacting below $250 in a week; but if users exceed the limit, Cash app will ask for verification. Moreover, the user will not be able to make a payment before seven days without verification. 

Can I use a fake SSN to bypass Cash App verification?

No, Cash App takes security very seriously. Somehow even if you manage to complete the verification with a fake SSN initially, your account will be suspended by the time the verification process is complete.

How to verify Cash App without ID?

You can register on Cash App with your Name, Date of Birth, mobile number and e-mail ID as these are mandatory. If Cash App prompts you to verify yourself with SSN, you can skip it.